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Friday, February 26

as if i needed another reason to love nyc...

...enter the vault by lisa perry.

the vault will be downstairs of perry's flagship store on madison ave that was once a citibank and will offer up to 75% off of merchandise from current and past seasons. there will be racks ranging in price and a table of pick-me-up items {accessories, trinkets, etc} at even lower price points.

the bright colors are so happy and inviting! but the thing that i love the most?
the actual vault of the old bank is an installation featuring large costume jewelry and money spilling out of the boxes. ingenious. j'adore.

it looks like a summertime trip to nyc may be a necessity sooner rather than later.

images courtesy of lisa perry
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Gaia said...

I'm totally in love with NYC.. I'd love to spend some says there in spring... have a great weekend!

Sean said...

It's been too long since my last NYC visit. I wanted to road trip there over spring break but couldn't find anyone to go with.

It'll have to wait along with my west coast excursion! :)

Unknown said...

count me in!!! Let's bring the boys!