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Wednesday, February 10

aww, shucks

i've said this before, and i will say it again, i have the best readers in the world.
seriously, reading your comments and advice really makes my day, so when april of the right hypotenuse, told me she tagged me with a blog award, i was quite giddy. thank you april! you are too too sweet. {don't you just love her blog name by the way? i always liked the right triangles best in geometry class.}

ahem, and now...
seven things you probably don't know about hiking in stilettos:

1. i graduated from agnes scott college with a french major & chemistry minor. {read: i am a total nerd-o}

2. when i was five, we were coming home from christmas eve at my aunt's house when we saw our neighbor dressed as santa entering his front door. i was so scared that santa wouldn't leave me any toys because i was awake, so i hid in the closet & wouldn't respond to my mother's calls for 45 minutes.

3. i am addicted to long-sleeved, tissue weight t-shirts. i have one in every shade of every color of the rainbow, but i mostly wear them at home.

4. i spent 20 years of my life dancing, from the age of six up until after college... ballet, modern, graham technique... i still have my very first pair of pointe shoes.

5. i prefer odd numbers and lower case letters & avoid even numbers and upper case letters whenever possible.

6. one of my nicknames in college was "granola." it referred to my hippie tendencies of hiking/camping, wearing teva sandals, and being a veggie {see below}.

7. i genuinely like vegetables, pretty much all of them. broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, you name it. in fact, i was vegetarian for a while.

i hope you enjoyed that little "get to know you" session. i really like learning quirks about my friends. that is actually one of the things i am enjoying most about being recently married. that being said, i am passing this award and it's seven facts along to each of you! i want to know what makes you tick :)


coypyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Sean said...

i'm happy that you're not a vegetarian anymore