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Thursday, February 4

blair & serena take on atl*

*aka a night in the city with kindredly & party preppy recap

this past weekend's preppy festivities for a certain someone's bday were definitely a hit.

i finally decided on pastel jeans with a cardigan and tons of sparkle. it was an outfit that i felt was somewhat serena-esque, but i didn't actually have to buy anything just for the party. i loved kindredly's dress, however, and wish that it was still available in my size. also, don't you love her clutch?!

husband {sweetly} offered to be our driver, so kindredly, husband and i started the evening off at TAP for pub burgers, fried pickles, and drinks. so so so good. the burgers were served on english muffins {!!} and included a teeny tiny chocolate milkshake.

after TAP we headed over to whiskey park at the w hotel in midtown where we were greeted by sweater vests, khaki pants, cardigans, ralph lauren polos, and a ridiculous amount of plaid.
love it.

{somehow all of our best photos are from the parking garage}

with husband taking the driver seat, kindredly and i really got to play the part. there was a lot of laughing and a lot of stories shared. we had a great time together and with husband. {he's so laid back and can have a good time just about anywhere.}

thanks to all of you lovelies for your comments, suggestions, and ideas about party preppy and possible serena-inspired outfits for the occasion!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

You guys were FABULOUS. I'd eat yogurt with you guys on the steps of the Met any day.

xx, LK