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Monday, February 15

snow day in the south

it rarely snows in my corner of the country, so when we got 6 inches of snow this weekend, the city basically shut down. husband and i played a bit, made a snowman, took some pictures, and then holed up inside with a warm fire and a good movie.

hope you had a happy winter weekend.

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Jodi Kendall said...

The lamp post is lovely. It looks like a scene from a movie.

Glad we sent you all some snow :) There's more coming our way this week.

Unknown said...

i'm so jealous of your fireplace! i would love to curl up in front of one during all these snowy chicago winter days. . .

Lindsay said...

Wasn't all that snow just wild? You're running such a cute blog here, I'm glad I stumbled upon it!
Glad to find a few fellow Georgians every once in a while :)