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Saturday, February 20

vancouver or bust

i love the winter olympics, {snowboarding, ice hockey, alpine skiing, downhill races, and figure skating? yes, please} so i have been in heaven lately with all the olympic coverage on the news.

some of my favorite moments thus far:
{shaun white winning gold in men's halfpipe}
i really enjoy watching men's halfpipe snowboarding because it is something that i would never be able to do. the thought of doing three or four flips over six feet in the air with a snowboard attached to my feet sounds like absolute fear to me, but it's just another day at work for shaun white.
image credit

{lindsey vonn winning gold in women's alpine skiing}
because hers is just a really good story {overcoming an injury and being thought of as a "pin up girl"} & because she is a girly girl who is also outdoorsy. {she fits right in here at hiking in stilettos.}
image credit

{shani davis winning gold & apolo ohno winning silver in speed skating}
because i really like speed skating for some reason & because shani davis supports an organization to bring speed skating to inner city kids in dc.
image credit davis
image credit ohno

{the tango by russian ice dancers oksana domnina & maxin shabalin}
as a dancer myself, {although not of ice}, i really appreciated their grace and poise. one of my pet peeves with dancers of all types is closing in of the upper body {ports de bras for you dancer types}. the reason that this team displays such ease on the ice has a lot to do with their open & lifted upper torso. in short, it was a beautiful tango.
image credit

it would take too long to list all of my favorite moments from this year's winter olympics. perhaps i will make it out to see some of the events in 2014....

what are some of your favorite events or olympic moments?

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Unknown said...

ashley here...i'm a longtime olympic fan. first time hikinginstilettos follower :)

i loved the germans' short program to "send in the clowns" and anything that apolo ohno does....and evan lysacek winning the men's figure skating...go america!

AsianCajuns said...

Ooo thanks for the recap, A! I haven't had a chance to sit down to watch any of the olympics- le sigh! I did see about five minutes of the pairs skating when I was at a biker bar- but I don't think that counts ;)

AsianCajuns said...

I've only watched one speed skating segment, which is shameful. I need to start watching more of the Olympics. I wish I had seen the figure skating.

- Cath