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Sunday, March 28

adventure no. 95: colorado road trip {part 1}

a few weeks before christmas, husband and i set out on a road trip from georgia across the country to colorado. the plan was to ski for three days, then spend three to four more days in various small mountain towns.... durango, silverton, ouray, wherever the wind took us. everyone kind of thought it was weird that we chose to drive, but being on the road together was part of the fun.

i have to admit that kansas and oklahoma almost made me regret driving. not to say that there aren't lovely parts of kansas and oklahoma, but the regions within view of interstate 40 and 70 don't provide much to look at except tumbleweeds. {and i did see a few of those.} it was during this portion of the trip that husband convinced me that jackalopes are real, so i spent about an hour looking for one until i realized he was pulling my leg.... gullible much?

new mexico was lovely.... complete with wildlife and sunny skies, and we stopped at the rest area for a picnic. unfortunately {for me}, new mexico is also home to quite a significant snake population.

the drive through colorado itself was breathtakingly beautiful. blue skies, snowy mountain tops, an open landscape as far as you can see.

we skied at wolf creek, a smaller resort that was mostly locals and pseudo-locals from texas on school breaks. skiing is one of our favorite sports to do together because we're at the same level {actually i am the slightly better skier, but husband won't admit it}. the runs at wolf creek are really fun. some are wide and long with intermittent steep parts, some are short and steep, and others criss-cross through the woods with varying levels of technicality. these last are my favorites {and husband's too}, so we had a blast traversing through the trees into the knee deep snow.

the second and final leg of the trip took us through durango, silverton, and ouray up to colorado springs. stay tuned for those pictures soon!
{see the second part here}


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Gaia said...

I can't wait for your pics!

I love road trip and I've made 2 in USA withmy boyfriend. We are thinking to do it again next summer...I'd love to drive all over California...Sun, neash, sea...
Have a great week!

Melina said...

Your road trip sounds so amazing! I'm so excited because I'm going across the country from Seattle to Quebec later this summer!!

Unknown said...

I just love how K told you jackalopes were real just to keep you entertained during a boring trip. That's going to come in so handy in those days, long after now, when children are in the picture.

beccaweber said...