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Thursday, March 18

garden party

inspired by chlorophyll-green gardens, sun-drenched landscapes and 70s hippie chic flower-power, the looks in the h&m garden collection are exactly what i want to spend my spring and summer days wearing. i absolutely adore the florals and the laid-back 70s vibe. so perfect for all of those hot southern summer days!

the feminine, romantic garments not only make a great addition to a summer wardrobe, but they promote sustainability in their eco-friendly production. all of the items in this collection are made entirely from environmentally adapted or recycled materials -- organic cotton & linen, grown without the use of chemicals, recycled polyester made from textile waste.

the collection will be available beginning march 25th. let me know if you pick up any of these lovely and renewable items! i will definitely be doing the same.

images courtesy of h&m
laforce + stevens


Unknown said...

Let's go!! I'm totally open every night next week if you want to meet there after work and not worry about braving the insane Saturday crowd.

paanie said...

i love that shade of blue to offset all the print. it's so striking!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ahhhhh these things are SO pretty! I love that drapey shirt on the top right, and the pretty summer dress on the bottom right!! The white strapless dress is so interesting and beautiful as well . . . unfortunately for my bank account, there is an H&M less than two miles from my house. :|

Unknown said...

The garden collection is so so yummy! I hope there's some things left after Lent. Please post if you end up getting anything!