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Friday, March 12

happy friday

a few things i plan on doing this weekend:

painting the furniture in the office & reorganizing
attending a couples shower for our lovely friends, jake & rachel

baking some
chocolate chip peanut-butter oatmeal cookies
taking a trip to ikea for the above office project
bopping and catching up with my bestie

making homemade pimento cheese for sandwiches
watching a few eipsodse of lost

what will you be doing this weekend?
i do hope your plans include checking out my guest post over at be in style!

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Liesl said...

I hope you have a happy weekend as well and I love the title of your blog!

Liesl :)

elizabeth shay said...

I've been a reader of your blog for awhile now, but never commented! Thanks for your ideas and inspirations : )
Your weekend already sounds amazing; an ideal I strive for! Would love to see what you're doing to the office...and enjoy Lost!

Jodi Kendall said...

sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned :) hope there's no rain!

I'm headed to myrtle beach in the morning... can't wait to catch up with friends!


Dea said...

Oh yes, LOST, you're going to love it!! I can't believe this is the last season...


paanie said...

congrats on your guest post! it's been a long time . . . it looks like you've been doing well!