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Saturday, April 10

if the shoe fits

when i got married, i vowed not to be one of those gals who ditches her wedding dress into the back of the closet never to be worn again. {since mine was a short, strapless from anthropologie, i will have a much easier time of this than most ladies i know.} so, next month i will be wearing my dress for our dear friends' wedding. 

the only problem? i don't want to wear my wedding shoes. i love them, but with the dress they look too much like something a bride would wear. and so begins my search for a pair of colorful peep toes.

moschino via piperlime, luiza barcelos via amazon, joan & david via piperlime, modcloth

charles david, pour la victoire, steve madden

i can't decide between teal or pink, but i am leaning more towards the teal. i do like the pale pink steve maddens, though. i definitely don't want to look like i am getting married, and an oatmeal colored dress and nude heels may do just that. i think the pop of color with teal peep-toes would be just perfect, especially if they are a bit quirky like the modcloth or moschino ones.

{and no i will not be getting either of those... they're a bit outside of the pharmacy student price range}


what are your thoughts?

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clare @ the pretty walrus said...

ooh definitely the teal! love the moschino and luiza barcelo ones! I agree that in pink, you might still lean too much towards 'bridal.' A bright colour like teal will inject that fun element you need :)

McMel said...

i love either choice, but i say go with the teal, it's so springy, and a perfect pop of color!

Kb_Mal said...

I'm digging the teal!

One suggestion: make sure your friend is okay with you wearing white to her wedding. Lots of gals I know still ascribe to the "only the bride should be wearing white" rule.

(see more info on The Frisky:

Katy :)

Unknown said...

i have have have to own the platforms with hearts...and of course they are the most expensive, or close to it.

i think teal for the wedding ps.

April said...

definitely the teal!
my faves are the moschino and joan&david ones!

Jodi Kendall said...

I vote teal! great line-up.

Unknown said...

cute shoes! especially the first pair : )

OneCraftyFox said...

I am in love with these shoes!!

paanie said...

i think teal is a perfect color for a summer wedding! besides i think that's what you really want.

Krimly said...

lovely shoes!!


Luiza Barcelos said...

What a lovely surprise to discover one of the shoes i've created among your choices.
It was Heloisa who told me, she follows boths blogs, yours and mine.
Nice to meet you.
Luiza Barcelos