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Friday, April 16


so i have never actually admitted this on the blog, but i want a tattoo... i want something simple and meaningful, and i have had the same idea for about the last eight years. now it's just a matter of where to place my ink and when to get it.

some of my favorite finds thus far:
i really like small, simple shoulder tattoos... something delicate and feminine.

i am also quite partial to quotes and letters, which is actually what mine will be.
i am not usually one to encourage couples tattoos, but i am drawn to the sweet simplicity of this one. i love the idea of husband and i having something like what is above, but written on our sides. mine on the right and his on the left over the ribs. {ouch.} and maybe just "his" and "hers" or "forever his" and "forever hers."

as much as i like wrist ink on other people, i would prefer to have something that is easily covered. not only would it be necessary for my profession, i think at times it takes away from how lovely someone looks. i think the side and shoulder are the best bet for me.

what is your opinion?
are you a fan of ink? would you ever get/do you have any tattoos?


images via the kitty bear chronicles
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


clare @ the pretty walrus said...

i've always wanted a small one on my hip bone, or shoulder blade, but am too chicken and probably always will be :)

i just love the first two you posted though, so dainty!

Blair McLeod said...

i love all of those!! i don't have a tattoo.. but i'm kind of the same way -- i hesitantly want one, but not sure that I ever will.

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

I would say in general I'm not a fan of the idea of tattoos, but I almost always like them when I see them on others. I especially love the ones you have in this post - simple and elegant, not much color. Have you seen the Chanel temporary tattoos? They're awesome and might be fun to play around with before you get your real one.

Thank you for the sweet words about our blog :). It makes me happy to know we can still stay connected post ASC!

beka said...

Same here.
I admire some people's inks, and I loooove to pieces the ones you posted above, but I don't think I'll ever get one myself.
Goodness, the husband-wife one is precious! That'd be something I would get... :)

McMel said...

i love all of those too! i had always gone back and forth about getting a tattoo, until i got ready to move last year- it may have been a rebellion against hubs! i did it the day he was flying back down to atl to finish packing the house and move (not a good idea to get a tattoo on your foot before you move b\c you don't have a lot of shoe options). i "asked" him before i went- he says i called and asked what he would think if i got one, and he asked the details, and i said i'd call him back, and when i did call him back i had already gotten it.

almost a year later (i was unknowingly pregnant) and still don't regret it, although i don't believe i will ever get another- even though some people say they're "addictive."

and before i write a novel on tattoos- it hurt (i thought childbirth was less painful)

Unknown said...

Aww these are all so sweet and are not trendy or silly in a way that is regrettable down the line.

I impulsively got an inner lip tatt with a girlfriend in college. Mine says "bonjour" and I got it in celebration of my study abroad trip that upcoming summer--fun story. The artist almost refused to do it claiming that it would disappear in a matter of days or weeks. Um, three years later? Still there, clear as day.

I think wrist tattoos are so neat, but alas, I think it's hard to hold down certain professional jobs with visible body art, especially in the south.

Hannah said...

After saying for years (with absolute conviction) that I was going to get one, I finally realised that I wasn't going to unless I actually took all my courage and did it. I finally got the design right and the next day I booked my appointment. I wanted mine somewhere easy to cover and, oddly, I chose my wrist as I always wear wristbands but I could show it off if I wanted (I kind of like it being secret though!). I love it, my boyfriend loves it...I'm just pleased I can finally say I'm someone who does what they say they're going to do.

Unknown said...

Well, I don't know if it was just the place I went, but I had my skin numbed before they started. I only felt a little before whatever it was they put on me kicked in. And I think you've seen my ink - it's small. I'm a wimp.

When I tell people this, they act like they wished they knew about it before they sat in pain getting theirs, so I'm telling you. Especially if you decide to go the rib cage route.

yiqin; said...

I am hoping to get a tattoo soon :D

Unknown said...

you know my feeling on them :)

erin said...

Us Kentuckians like our tattoos... even on the women.

(yet Lord have mercy on the one we didn't think through and now regret)

beccaweber said...

love it! i also secretly want one, but i have such a great fear of how fickle i am! and it seems like such a BIG and permanent choice---it overwhelms me. good luck with getting yours though!

Kb_Mal said...

I would love to have sleeves — but then the more practical and conservative side of me remembers I may not want them when I'm older.

I do have three tattoos, the biggest of which is on my side (lilies). E-mail me if you want to see a photo. :)

I like knowing that I can look super professional and buttoned up on the outside but just a little more wild and rockstar under my clothes. :)


Kb_Mal said...

p.s. I went to Timeless Tattoo on Cheshire Bridge - great folks.