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Friday, April 23

summer days

between the wedge heels, black cigarettes, and super flirty top, i felt like olivia newton john at the end of grease the entire time i wore this outfit. not a bad way to end the week!

thanks for bearing with me lately as i know the posts have been a bit sporadic. i have only two more weeks left of the absolute hardest year of my academic career to date. needless to say, these last two weeks are as jam-packed as possible.

don't worry too much though. i do have some things planned for you lovelies.
happy weekend.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Blair McLeod said...

you're way cuter than olivia.

Kb_Mal said...

Love the mixing of patterns!

Good luck finishing school!

heleen said...

Lovely outfit! It definitely captures that wonderful sense of summer

Unknown said...

cute sandals!