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Monday, April 19


when it comes to home design and decorating, i tend to choose color and comfort more often than modern and monochrome. lately, however, i have noticed that my tastes have changed quite a bit. as i think about our home and what we want it to be, i wish for the clean lines of modern style with unexpected bursts of eclectic. and although i still wish we could paint our walls, most of my bookmarked images are filled with white and neutrals.

i especially love the large, exposed light bulb in this room. it's completely unexpected and brings a unique coziness to this little reading nook.

i used to think that rooms without color were cold and uninviting, but these images have me completely inspired. i love the french inspirations sprinkled about most of the rooms and the intermingling of old and new, modern and vintage.

i love this combination of such an ornate chandelier and clear acrylic chairs.

instead of filling walls with colorful frames or pictures, i am leaning towards rooms with clean lines and accents of colorful furniture and accessories.

i have started to "clean up" our apartment by taking almost everything off the wall and painting our office furniture so that it all matches. as much as i would love to completely rework our home, it's just not feasible in this particular apartment. i do want to paint the walls, but i have decided to stick with more neutral tones like gray, white and taupe.

what are your thoughts? do you like the neutral tones or is it just too white-washed for you?

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Claire Kiefer said...

I think that all that white looks so pretty, but I'd be terrified about what I'd do with my red wine and coffee!

beka said...

Ahh, that first picture...
I love these. :)
We don't have too much white in our house, but that's not necessarily the best thing with 9 people...haha. :)
Someday, though...that airy, deep-breath feel of white spaces. :)

Liesl said...

So crisp and clean and I am loving your spring blog pretty in pink!

Liesl :)

Bridget said...

i got that green velvet sofa after seeing that gorgeous picture! ridiculous? perhaps.

Not Used said...

I like the idea of white...but I don't think I could ever *be* white. Simply because I am a hot mess and would fuck something up within 0.5 seconds.

Ann On and On... said...

Great post. I have been really thinking about doing white in my bedroom...but I still think I'd ruin it in about 5 minutes.

Kb_Mal said...

OOooh love love love.

btw, you would love the Druid Hills tour of homes. Went on Saturday - totally worth the $20 to see the insides (from closets to kitchens) of 8 restored mansions near Virginia Highlands.

elizabeth shay said...

I've been drawn to the same style lately as well...the white washed design and overall look comes across as so nice and clean and lately, in my dark apt. it's what I've been craving.

After the winter, the bright whites and light in the rooms is needed and welcoming as well!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love the picture with the exposed light bulb. I would need one like that for my place....Such a great idea and looks just so creative.
Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures:))))

trishie said...

i really like the light bulb lamp too, it's way cool!