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Thursday, May 20

Bookstore Dates

I love getting all dolled up and spending a night on the town as much as the next girl, but sometimes all you need is a quiet little afternoon together... a scrumptious lunch in the sun and a couple hours perusing through a bookstore.

As much as I love the local bakeries & delis in our small town, they are all closed on Sundays, and ooh, Panera has some scrumptious salads!

We walked out of the store with a few selections, I purchased the next book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, Drums of Autumn. Husband walked away with Comrade J, the {true} story of an American spy in Russia at the end of the Cold War.

The quiet environment, the therapeutic sound of softly turning pages, the smell of freshly roasting coffee, a shared love of books and knowledge... all of these things make bookstore dates soothing to my soul.


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Blair McLeod said...

okay you are too cute. love the hat!

Valerie said...

That sounds like the perfect afternoon to me. I spend at least one day a month looking at books in the library, having lunch, enjoying some "quiet time". It's very therapeutic.

I can't wait to see your jewelry corkboard! That sounds like the perfect way to organize!


The Beso Team said...

Dear Ashley,

Thank You for entering the Bake Up Summer Sweets Contest. I hope you are given the opportunity to own a new KitchenAid mixer so you can whip up your raspberry cream cheese buns recipe with ease.
Thank You and Good Luck!
The Beso Team

Liesl said...

I agree completely and it sounds like you had a lovely quiet afternoon...I love Panera and your lunch choice looks delish!

Liesl :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I ate lunch at panera the other day (1/2 sandwich, 1/2 soup) and it was sooooooo good. :)

McMel said...

mmmmmm, i just had panera on tuesday. their thai chicken salad- tdf!

the book your hubby bought sounds like something mine would really enjoy... checking it out now!

Unknown said...

You look Adorb.
Love that you and K love to read...bookstores are my favorite too, but JG does not share in my obsession.

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

I completely know what you mean... your last paragraph summed it up perfectly! When we were in NYC, we spent one (very rainy and miserable) afternoon in a bookshop, just soaking it all in. It remains to this day one of our favourite holiday afternoons :)

Caroline said...

I love this post!!! My hubby and I love going to bookstores and always manage to walk away with a book. I love your hat ... you are too cute! XO

beccaweber said...

i hope that was at least an independent bookstore! :)

in all seriousness, that hat is just LOVELY. as are you. <3