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Tuesday, May 11


i simply love the use of words and letters as decoration in a home. when done well, it can add a bit of eclectic flare to a room. recent design trends have shown that such art is no longer confined to spaces such as offices and libraries, but is incorporated throughout a home... in a living room, bedroom, even a kitchen.

here are some of my favorites:
i know this one has been around for a while, but i still love it.keep calm

aardvark manifesto

i love you

this one might just be my favorite....
it was a DIY project i found on sweethomestyle. i am absolutely in love with it! there will definitely be something similar hanging in our bedroom in our next residence.

what is your take on sayings and words in art? yea or nay?

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Lesley said...

love the diy project so much and the manifesto sings to me!

Nicole Marie said...

oh i love sayings and words in art. i have a LOVE poster in my room and we have lots of little signs like "happy is what you make it"

Danielle said...

I love words and sayings in art! These are great ones!!

Blair McLeod said...

love the giant one. way cool.

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm a writer, so I definitely prefer art that incorporates words/text. I love the "Everyday I love you" one soooo much!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That DIY wall art is SO killer!

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

I have that first poster in the original RED, but I think I prefer the colour you posted here... it's so serene.

If I could, I'd have words everywhere in the house. Unfortunately, hubby and I don't always agree on what those words should be. He tends to go with heavy inspirational quotes while I prefer short and sweet and to the point. So, for now, we are wordless.