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Thursday, May 27

Working 9 to 5

I have mentioned many times before how the balance between professional dress and personal style is difficult to find. Working in a relatively conservative field, there are standards to meet, and it's easy to fall into a way of not so stylish dressing. Among the ways I try to combat this seeming incompatibility is through neutrals, sassy black accents, and incredible, but sophisticated heels.

{clockwise from top left}
Judy or Madeline Dress
Well-Composed Blazer
Executive Decision Bag
Cricket Match Skirt
Lauren Heel
Free as a Bird Blouse
Cinnamon Toast Top
Burst of Energy Dress
Brown Butter Heel

all images via Modcloth
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Blair McLeod said...

I want all of this!!! -- maybe the birthday fairy will deliver it for my birthday monday!!

Ace said...

Man, modcloth really was invented to sap my wallet dry. Did you get any of those? They're all lovely.