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Friday, June 25

Fill in the Blanks Friday

One of my favorite bloggers, Trishie, over at Under Lock and Key is doing a fun game each Friday, and I have decided to pass it along! It's a fun way to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, so here is the first fill-in-the-blanks-Friday-game post!

Hello, my name is Ashley but you can call me Ash . Today, I am wearing grey cigarette pants, a loose grey tank, and a pink striped cardigan {to work}. I am looking forward to having a weekend with nothing to do! I am feeling a bit bummed about having to work, but excited about a couple days off. I miss my bestie but I get to see her in the morning! I wish for more time off to read your blogs and shoot some outfit posts!

If you want to pass along the game, feel free! Just make sure to link back to Trishie's post.
Happy Friday my lovelies!


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Claire Kiefer said...

So cute--I like the simplicity of these fill-in-the-blanks. However, it's 7:22 am and I don't have to work today, so mine would read: "My name is Claire but I'm not dressed yet because I'm still in bed, but soon I plan to put on my bathing suit and head to the pool"--yay! Hope your weekend fun starts soon. :)

FourJedis said...

Hi Ash (in my AA-esque voice)!

I just got some gray cigarette pants and love them! Love the blog.

trishie said...

Thanks for playing!! woohoo...have a lovely weekend, dear!