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Saturday, July 31

Coffeemaker Crazy

As much as I hate to part with my tiffany blue coffee maker, I think the time has finally come.  It turns off mid-brew, and the "on" button is completely missing so turning it on requires a bit of skill. So, after four years of loyal coffee brewing, I began the search for a new coffee maker. Turns out it's not as easy as I had imagined. I have already brought two home and returned them and am up to my ears reading reviews. I want something that will flow with the white and bamboo in our kitchen, but I also want it to have a slightly retro feel. 

Here are some of the current contenders:
Kitchenaid vs. Cuisinart
These are (obviously) very similar styles, and both of them have mixed reviews. Half the purchasers love their choice, and the other half hate it.

Hamilton Beach vs. Cuisinart
The HB reviews state that it is difficult to pour cold water in the the reservoir, which really is quite small. A few Cuisinart reviewers said that their units stopped working after only six months.

Krupps vs. DeLonghi
Same mixed reviews with Krupps... water drips on the outside, coffee drips when pours. I do really like the look of it, though. The Delonghi has no reviews. (Is that good or bad?!)

What are your opinions? I want something that will look great sitting on the counter, but I also want it to work well for the next several years. What coffee makers do you use?

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Lesley said...

hey cutie! we have that exact cuisineart and we've had it since we got married (over 5 years). works like a charm. my mom did have the same one however and it did stop working after several months. this probably is not helpful! ha. we do love ours though:)

heather said...

Ooh, one of my favorite topics! :) I'm partial to the thermos kind, because the less time you have your coffee in the line of heat, the less tannin (the bitter part of the coffee) it will have. Some of the thermos ones turn off automatically when it's done brewing, but since it's in a thermos, it'll stay piping hot a good long while! Plus you can program them to turn on before you get outta bed in the morning... heaven :)

But I have to ask, have you ever heard of toddy? aka cold-brewed coffee? It is so easy on your tummy, because cold brewing it actually takes away most of the tannins. And it's the smoothest coffee ever. The "machine" isn't pretty (and you don't actually even need a machine for it...) but you don't have to keep it out or even make the brew every day. You can make a whole batch of it, and then keep the concentrated black gold in your fridge to be used as iced coffee or heated up with some more water and milk (how i like it) for hot coffee.

here's some more info...

sorry to sound like a commercial! i did say this is one of my favorite subjects! :) Good luck finding your perfect coffee helper!

Happy weekend,

Anna Walker said...

I wish I could help you, but I am actually looking for a coffeemaker myself! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm so impressed at how thorough you are with your purchases! I'm an impulsive sort of girl . . . I'd probably just go to Target and buy whatever was on sale and cute-ish. haha. I have a fancier one, but I use this old kelly green one that a former roommate left here cause I'm so in love with the color.

And while I'm not willing to take the plunge, I recently stayed with some friends in southern California who had a Keurig . . . and I was kind of amazed at the easy-ness of it. The coffee selection isn't as wide, and it only brews one cup at a time, but it's so unbelievably fast!

beccaweber said...

french press and an electric kettle. the kettle comes in handy SO SO often i can't believe i didn't own one before living in the UK and seeing how great (and ubiquitous) they were.

added benefits? you can find super cute, super cheap kettles, and french presses are always stylish, even in boring colors. if that hasn't sold you, let me remind you that french pressing is actually the best way to keep all the healthy and antioxidant rich, flavorful oils from the coffeebeans in your cuppa!