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Friday, July 16

French Apple Tart

Although apples are traditionally a fall fruit, I can't help but munch on them all year round. There's something so very charming about the sweet simplicity of an apple. Not to mention how well the taste pairs with everything from sharp cheddar to peanut butter to pork. So when I stumbled upon this Barefoot Contessa recipe in my cook book the other day, I decided that a French Apple Tart was the perfect companion to a summer weekend.

I used gala apples instead of granny smith to give a slightly sweeter taste, and chose a dark rum at the advice of a good friend. The oven-baked apples came out golden, and the apricot & rum glaze gave the tart a delicious warmth that paired just as well with vanilla bean ice cream as it did with sharp cheddar.


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Claire Kiefer said...

Oh my goodness that sounds delicious (and LOOKS delicious). I'm a little scared that I'd throw out all self-control if I made that and would immediately down the whole thing, haha! Now you've given me a sweet tooth . . . happy weekend Ashley :)

A said...

Uh...this looks/sounds delicious. p.s. sublime donuts = all i can think about.

lunch today was fab! we will have to make this a tradition and do it every time you come to ATL for a meeting.

Caroline said...

This is CLEARLY AMAZING!!! Yay for you and your tart! xo

Blair McLeod said...


OneCraftyFox said...

OMGawd, this looks irresistible!! I love cheese paired with apple too.

Happy weekend :)