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Friday, August 13

Fig & Prosciutto Flat-bread

I admitted once before that pizza is my favorite food, so it makes sense that things like flat-bread come in a close second. The crisp bread, melted mozzarella, and vast array of toppings easily draw me in every time. This past week, I decided to recreate one of my favorite flat-bread recipes with figs and prosciutto. The sweetness of the figs pairs wonderfully with the salty prosciutto, and blue cheese crumbles add a layer of creamy decadence that simply melts in your mouth.

Brush flat-breads with olive oil and spread with a bit of fig jam, if you have it. Then top with mozz, chopped prsciutto, chopped figs, blue cheese crumbles, and a bit of green onion. Bake on 350 for about 8-10 minutes, just until cheese is melted and bread is crispy. If you didn't use fig jam, drizzle the finished flat-bread with just a bit of honey.



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Kb_Mal said...

Looks divine!

Anna Walker said...

Looks yummy! Pizza is pretty good! :)

Liesl said...

Oh my goodness this looks divine!

Liesl :)

heather said...

This looks so delicious! Asian pears are delish in this way, too... if you don't have fresh figs. (OK, I'm jealous.)

p.s. we will be living on the same continent, at least, soon! and I've always wanted to visit georgia!

heather said...

p.p.s. :) thank you for the warm congratulations! xo

McMel said...


Valerie said...

Oh my! This looks incredible. I could absolutely go for pizza for dinner tonight. Definitely one of my favorite foods too. :)


Heather Taylor said...

Wow! I need to try this recipe asap!