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Monday, October 4

Join the Club

Whenever I make it to the city to shop, the windows of Club Monaco always draw me inside. I get lost in the beautiful silk, ornate details, and classic fit of everything in the store, so it's no surprise that I am turning to the recent fall lookbook for inspiration. The perfect tailoring and chic simplicity of the garments make them ideal for a work to evening transition.

What do you think? Are you a Club Monaco fan?

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FourJedis said...

We don't have one here in Charleston, and I've only been to one once (and it was with an ex-boyfriend like 15 years ago), so I never thought much about it, but gosh, they have some really cute stuff. Will have to pop in next time I'm in a major city.

McMel said...

i absolutely love that sequin dress

Blair McLeod said...

love it all... just not sure i could pull any of it off :)

Betsy said...

My favorite shop! I'm wearing a blazer from there right now. You can always find something!

wren said...

ummmm yes. huge fan. but i am not allowed to buy any more clothes. :(