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Tuesday, October 26

Oh Mon Dieu, Ms. Rowley

It's no secret around here that I love all things Gossip Girl. With fashion designers and celebrities making cameos on GG recently (Hello, Isaac Mizrahi and Tim Gunn), I was not at all surprised to find Cynthia Rowley, one of my absolute favorites, in the mix. Next Monday, November 1, Rowley will make a guest appearance on the show for Blair's birthday. She will be in great company, along side Joe Zee and Rachel Zoe. Can it be any more fabulous?

As would be expected, Rowley looks absolutely stunning in a glass cabochon top and printed leather heels from her Spring '11 Collection. She pairs the texture and print of the top and heels with a feather tu-tu (the ballerina in me is dying of jealousy right now) to complete the look. Just another reason to look forward to Monday night.

Happy Gossiping.

image via Cynthia Rowley
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


FourJedis said...

Love the outfit! I don't watch the show, but had I known of all of their cuteness, I might have started!

Anna Walker said...

She looks great! :)
I am on season 2 of Gossip Girl (yes I am a bit behind, but life, and other TV shows get in the way!)

McMel said...

she always looks so polished and put together!! love!