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Tuesday, November 9

Southern, My Way

It's no secret that cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I love the feeling of spending time in the kitchen and producing something so delicious that you look forward to making it again. You could chalk it up to my southern heritage, I suppose. A part of me just loves the simplicity and implied provision of setting dinner on the table. I get it honest. My mom is truly the best cook {and most outstanding southern woman} I know.

So imagine how excited I was when I received Gena Knox's most recent cookbook, Southern My Way from her PR firm located in Atlanta. Another southern soul with a passion for creating something from nothing, providing good food for her family, and supporting local farms in the process? Sign. me. up.

Knox's recipes are dear to my heart as they take a new turn on some of my favorite southern dishes. Recipes like Butterbean Bruschetta with Country Ham and Summer Seafood Stew over Parmesan Grits fuse southern cooking with unconventional flavors and produce quite a result. Her passion for locally grown produce and support for local farmers only fueled my love. I am a firm believer in supporting one's local economy. Not only because it impacts us directly, but because there's something special about knowing the hands that raised your food. Maybe it's an old-fashioned southern idealism, but it's something that both Knox and I cherish.

What really sold me on Knox's collection, however, was the fact that she included a section of breakfast recipes. I plan on making her Rosemary Biscuits with Honey Ham this weekend after having incredible success with last weekend's breakfast endeavor - Herb & Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs.

{Crumbled gorgonzola & tomato salsa}

Note: I substituted Gorgonzola for goat cheese & served the eggs over lightly toasted whole grain bread. Perfection!

Saturday brunch will never be the same.

Southern My Way courtesy of Melissa Libby & Associates
photos copyright Hiking in Stilettos
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


McMel said...

thanks for sharing this book. sounds amazing! i'm definitely adding it to my "want" list- i must have at least 5 cookbooks on the list

Liesl said...

There is something about the Southern dishes and these look delish!

Liesl :)

FourJedis said...

That looks amazing. I love cooking and set out to try at least 2 new recipes / week. It's so much fun. I'll have to pick up this book. I may have grown up in a neutral state (30 miles south of the Mason Dixon line), but SC is where I started my own family, and I really appreciate the heritage and values of the lowcountry. Great share - I love reading about what you're cooking (and wearing too - a great variety)!

wren said...

oooh,... i will be checking in for many recipes to come (right?) :)