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Wednesday, January 19

Color Me Happy

I recently posted an outfit inspired by the neutral colors of the winter landscape, and it honestly left me longing for the most colorful pieces in my closet. Since I can't pull all of them out, however, I settled for the combination of stripes and flowers. This orangey-coral has become my go-to color for spring, and I look forward to pairing this cardigan with many other spring tops.

The Loft cardigan, UO camisole, American Eagle cargos, vintage Tommy Hilfiger booties, Target men's watch, vintage earrings & rings

In other news, we picked up this incredible vintage couch over the weekend, and I am completely in love. I am having the cushions recovered in a similar turquoise pattern and will post an update once it is finished!


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Lesley said...

looking good ash! love that striped cardigan and that couch! love.

Kileen said...

i love the wonderful colors in this outfit and coral looks so good on you!

and lovely couch! can't wait to see what it looks like once the turquoise cushions are back!

cute and little
come join the Color Brigade!

Anonymous said...

Love the cardigan.....and those shoes? Love.

kristina dutton said...

ooh i have that same couch! $50 at a thrift store in alabama, an amazing find. but i'm still deciding what i want to cover it with. my mom washed the couch cushions and they perked right up, it was a nice little treat.

Eugenia Woods said...

Love the booties!

rlutz said...

great find with that couch...Love the striped cardigan with the patterned cami...

Michelle said...

that couch is great! i love how you mixed florals and stripes!

McMel said...

that cardigan is great- i've been eyeballing it for a few weeks!

great outfit- as always!

also, can't wait to see the couch!