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Friday, January 14

Five {little} Blessings

Three consecutive snow days

This week began with a snowstorm and three days of laziness low-key bliss and transformed slowly from there. With only two days of classes, it was a rather easy way to transition into my new place. And considering that Monday is a holiday, this three day weekend will ease my sorrows about next week as well. Some may call it denial, but I'll face my five day separation only when I absolutely must. Here are five of my favorite things from this week that made it just a little bit sweeter.

A sweet gift from a friend for housing my new credentials

Free printing at school

Messy, but delicious brownies made from a mix my sister-in-law gave us

Coming back home for a long weekend.

*Just for fun, all of this week's photos were taken with my iPhone using the Instagram application.

Happy weekend.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Anonymous said...

So glad yall had a great weekend. : ) We are in Athens and had a BLAST Too! Just moved here with my hubby and struggling with the move--away from friends etc--so I commend you on your strength. Kudos. : )


Claire Kiefer said...

I'm totally smitten with your chair in that last picture. It's amazing!!!!!

Mimi said...

Aw, Nice! The brownies your SIL made look delish! Have a great weekend at home!!

Kileen said...

mmmm, those brownies look delicious!! hope you're having a great long weekend!

cute and little