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Sunday, March 6

Five {little} Blessings

This week was a long one, although I couldn't really pinpoint an exact reason. I was reminded just how blessed I am by all of the wonderful friends in my life and the family that supports me so. Sometimes we just need little reminders, which is why these posts have quickly become some of my favorite. Here are five things that made this week just a little sweeter.

 Framing some of my favorite magazine shoots.

Reminders on my desk to live fearlessly and turn obstacles into opportunities.

But the best part of my week was this...
 A care package from my bestie which included a Kate Spade calendar & notebook, fancy lip balm, indulgent chocolates, and some of my favorite teas... as well as an encouraging note.

The final two were really just one big thing... taking the time to just be. Not to blog or study or clean or write, but just to be and to reflect.


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1 comment:

Heather Taylor said...

I love that you frame your fav fashion shoots too! Makes it look so timeless and elegant.