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Monday, March 28

Rainy Day

The weather lately has been fluctuating between warm and sunny & cool and rainy. I actually don't mind the rainy days too much, since I have five tests and a huge presentation over two weeks, but I do love the sunshine. There's not much better than having a meal on the porch with someone you love.

But since I am not on a porch but holed up inside in a cozy sweatshirt, pouring over textbooks and powerpoint presentaitons.... How about a bit of inspiration for this rainy Monday?


images via
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Anna Walker said...

Wow I love the first and second looks! The second one for the fabulous skirt, and the first because I wish I looked like that when studying! :)

Lesley said...

the rain has been n-u-t-s. i LOVE thunderstorms, but my house shaking in the middle of the night two nights in a row has left me sleeeepy.

good luck with your presentation!!!