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Wednesday, April 6

Saving Grace

It's officially spring here in the south, and while I am absolutely thrilled by the sunshine and gorgeous flowers, my allergies are rendering me somewhat useless. Hence the sporadic posts and lack of outfits. Between sinus congestion and itchy eyes, I've been forced to view this lovely spring from behind a window... no long trail runs or studying outside for me lately. It's simply torture.

Since every commercially available anti-histamine makes me sleepy and since I refuse to take a decongestant daily, I've been surviving the pollen with these few creature comforts...

Tazo rose tea + local raw honey
A netti-pot
Bubblegum pink nail polish
Coconut ice cream
Vased flowers

What do you do to combat allergies?
Happy spring.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Mommy A said...

I am also from the atl and I am totally feeling ur pain with the allergies! I use claritin and it usually works for me. I love finding bloggers from Atlanta! I wish there were meet up groups or something!

Tiffanie a.

wren said...

rose tea... that sounds delish. i'll have to check that out. cutting down on coffee (sucks!) and so i need some tasty not a tea person so it's gonna be hard but it just sounds so lovely to drink a bit of rose tea. In the sitting room...

My allergies strike in Summer so i got a few months to dread it

Sara B said...

Hi Ashley! My best friend Jessie (of the Concrete Catwalk) told me I should come check out your blog so I just wanted to say hi and that it's super cute! I'll look forward to following it :) Have a great day!

yiqin; said...

i like the pink polish :P