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Friday, April 29

Vidalia Onion Museum

It's no secret here in Georgia that the sweetest onions are vidalias. Vidalia onions are the state vegetable, and you'd be hard pressed to find a store that doesn't sell them. In fact, there's even a town named after them. This weekend marks the 34th annual Vidalia Onion Festival as well as the grand opening of the Vidalia Onion Musueum.

The event begins today as noon, and the museum opens today starting at 3pm and will be open this weekend for tours. Chefs that will be cooking for the event include  Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill, Gerry Klaskala of Aria, Tracey Bloom of Ray’s at Killer Creek,  James Beard Award Winner Jeffrey Buben of Vidalia restaurant and Cookbook Author Gena Knox {a personal favorite}.

So, if you're in the area or just want to see some incredible ways to cook with vidalias, check out the new museum!

Happy Friday.

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Kelly said...

A whole museum? Whoa!

LeS said...

Love me some vidalia onions! So much so that I bought a whole sack today up in the mountains in excitement! The simple joys of being from the south. Does the museum have a website you think, possibly with the recipes in the museum?

Ashley said...

LeS - The museum itself doesn't have a site yet, but there's some info about it here:

I'd love it if they would create one, though, especially with recipes!