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Wednesday, April 13

Weekend Adventure No. 12: Hunting Island, SC

One of the things I have always wanted to do is camp on the beach. I love the idea of waking up within walking distance of the ocean and not being surrounded by four concrete walls. My first {but certainly not last} beach camping experience was at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The landscape is equal parts sandy shores and tropical forest vegetation, which naturally lends itself to a scene from Lost. Another lovely facet of the park is the natural cohabitation of pine trees and palm trees. That alone makes this southern girl's heart swell.

We ordered a new tent right before this trip, so we were eager to give it a try. I have to say that after sleeping in a backpacking tent all these years, this Kodiak tent felt incredibly luxurious! We even have a small, propane heater that we can put inside and turn on in the mornings when it's cold. There's room for the air mattress, both our bags, and a small folding table with space still open. {Perfect for a little canine friend, one day!}

Things to do besides soaking up the beautiful shoreline include hiking/biking trails that wind throughout the campsite and continue over to the nearby lighthouse. Our chosen path was the wooded trail to the lighthouse, and a return trip along the beach. The strip of sand between the campsite and the lighthouse is littered with beautifully haunting old trees. When the tide is up, the trees are well submerged in the ocean. It's quite a lovely, albeit eerie, sight, and the perfect place for sunrise photos.

The park is about twenty minutes outside of Beaufort, SC, which is a great little town full of local coffee shops and eateries. If you're looking for a delicious brunch on your way out, I would suggest Blackstone's Cafe. {Try the TexMex or veggie omelette.} With it's rich history and beautiful landscape, Beaufort is definitely a place that I look forward to revisiting.

Happy {beach} Camping

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wren said...

Can't wait for some Kentucky/Indiana camping. Pretty different in view but wonderful in its own way.

Kodiak Canvas Tents said...

Thank you for the nice pictures of your Kodiak canvas tent? Are you still happy with it? We have heard some great customer reviews on these products. Our CEP company has recently opened a new Kodiak Canvas tent website and would be curious what you thought of it?

Unknown said...

Sorry if this post got duplicated but I didn't see my last post show up. Thank you for your post and reference to your new tent, can you tell me if you have any experience with any of the other Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent line of products? Have you use them before on camping trips?