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Friday, May 20

On the Look Out

 {My favorite paleo breakfast - eggs with zucchini, squash, and cauliflower}

Now that I am done with the didactic portion of the school year, I finally have time to try out some new recipes. That being said, I'm on the look out for some new cookbooks! I have my favorite stand-bys such as Ina Garten and Gena Knox in my kitchen already, but I'd really like to find a good raw food and/or paleo cookbook. I've been perusing around this site and this one for recipes, but I love the feeling of creating a meal while reading through a recipe book. Call me old fashioned.
So... any suggestions?


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Recipe of the Month! said...

Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros has a good mix of super simple and more fancy recipes. The recipes aren't typical either and that's what I like about this book. Great photos too! You can probably find it at any Anthropologie.

michelle said...

I have a fairly extensive recipe book collection, but the ones I consistently use are: 1. How to cook everything - the title fits. It belongs in every kitchen. 2. Gourmet 3. Bon appetit