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Thursday, August 25


{open spaces - domino}

One of my recent weekend projects has revolved around finding a home for our extensive (and growing) collection of books. I settled upon two identical white bookshelves framing our fireplace so as to have a built-in look. This coming weekend will be the real challenge, however, as I try to organize the shelves and create unique snapshots of our adventures and travels. The rooms below have key characteristics that I'm using as inspiration for our home.

{painted background - source unknown}

{color coded + jars}


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Anonymous said...

Is that your home at the top? Seriously, it's perfection already! I think it's much better than the images below. I wouldn't do a thing!

Karla said...

Ohh I understand.. we are the same way. We live constantly upgrading furniture as our belongings grow' hehe Good ideas there ;)