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Friday, September 23

Neither Hair nor There

Looking back at some of the recent outfit posts, I've realized that I don't really love my hair. Unfortunately, this isn't a new concept for me. There are days {and outfits} when my natural curls seem perfect, but most days I prefer my flat iron, and I regularly dream of having perfect messy waves. Then, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, part of me wants to just chop all my hair off a la Emma Watson. So while I'm wrestling with the decision {and my often unruly mane}, here are some of my current hair inspirations.

{see them all here}


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Erin said...

my constant dilemma.

paanie said...

i've always been partial to the short and sassy ;)

McMel said...

i love your hair, a, it's always beautiful! your waves always look so pretty! i will say that you could pull off the emma watson look perfectly! i cannot do short hair like that b\c my face is so round, but you have a perfect shaped face for it. you'd look so cute no matter what you choose!