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Tuesday, November 8

Life in Motion: Moving

The past week and a half has been a complete whirlwind as husband and I packed up our little life and moved out to the country. While we will miss being close to Atlanta, we can at least be together all week instead of only on weekends. {Woot!} And we're only about 30 minutes from one of our favorite cities, Athens. {Fun facts: our first real date was in Athens, where we saw what would become my favorite band. Also, we were married in a lovely historic home in Athens.} So, I apologize for my unexpected hiatus! {Apparently, it takes two to three weeks to set up new internet service with AT&T. Who knew?} I've been busy with boxes and totes, arranging, discarding, painting, and trying to get in a little down time in between. While I am getting back on schedule, here's a peek at the last two weeks of my life, according to my iPhone.

Packing, painting, and unpacking; a little mountain biking adventure to get out some stressful energy;
I've been living in these green cords; we grilled some delicious kabobs; we took a trip to our favorite burrito place in Athens; the bare walls are starting to look a bit better....

More {fun things} to come.

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Lesley said...

moving. bah. hate it. the walls look amazing! love the collage and a man who likes a feminine touch :) i always feel thankful that sam lets me do whatever to the walls. those cords are super cute on you!

miss you!

McMel said...

i just found out today that, yes, it does indeed take 2 weeks to move internet w\ at&t. i am also back w\ internet after moving. i feel your pain, moving stinks.

is that barberitos?! yum yum