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Monday, January 16

Pumpkin-Flax Crackers

I've always been a snacker. Growing up it was always a challenge for my mom to get me to eat an entire meal. {My favorite food day was always Sunday, when we would eat an assortment of veggies in the late afternoon.} Even as an adult I tend to eat five small meals a day instead of two or three larger meals {although I do love a good brunch}. So I knew that snacks would be an important part of this detox cleanse. Since wheat and dairy are out of the picture and I didn't want to rely on nut butters, I decided to try my hand at homemade crackers {with almond flour of course}.

The recipe is from this book, which I love and highly recommend. I used chia seeds in place of sesame seeds since that's what I had on hand. The end result was a perfect companion to this delicious butternut squash soup.


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Claire Kiefer said...

Yum! Making your own crackers sounds intimidating, but looks like the effort was worth it! And I made some butternut squash soup just a couple days ago. I do it a little bit different every time (different spices, etc.) but I always love it.

Ann On and On... said...

I've been seeing cracker recipes a lot lately. Yours sound wonderful. I think I need to try making some... the butternut squash soup sounds fabulous too.