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Friday, February 17

Casual Crew

While I typically shy away from sweaters because of their boxy shape, I've lately been drawn to the comfortable simplicity of them. Perhaps it's because winter finally showed up {hello 20 degree mornings!} or a result of the sleepy-eyed haze in which I dress every morning. Either way, I've been finding excuses opportunities to work this particular sweater into the rotation. The fit is cozy and the bright yellow fits unnaturally well into my very colorful wardrobe. Whether accompanying pink smoking slippers, suede booties, or wine colored wedges, this sweater has proven immensely versatile despite it's neon yellow stripes.

Old Navy sweater, BDG jeans, Target flats, H&M necklace, vintage bracelet, gifted clutch, Essie Mod Squad polish, Warby Parker glasses


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I was inspired by you on Friday! For after work, I threw on a pair of acid yellow shorts and those same pink flats you're wearing from Target. Yay!