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Monday, February 27

Spring Inspiration

I think it's easy this time of year to get trapped in tunnel vision. It's still too cold for bare legs with skirts, stores are brimming with bright colors and tanks, and all you can think about is vacation plans, springtime outings, and warmer weather. This year is especially hard for me as April 20th marks my last day of school. Ever. It's been a long road... four year of undergrad, a year as a lab assistant, two years working full time, and four years of pharmacy school. Part of me will miss the academic setting, but the much larger part of me is ready and willing to embrace the promise of change. That being said, my day to day is often difficult to digest. But I don't want to become so focused on the future that I forget to live in the present. Call it materialistic or trivial, but one way I combat the tunnel-vision blues is through surrounding myself daily with things I adore and, more importantly, taking the time to enjoy them. Everything from my sweet husband to fresh flowers and colorful ensembles adds a taste of happiness to the daily mundane. And when I need a just bit of inspiration, these things {and this, always this} have been my current source.

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1 comment:

FilipBlog said...

Super collage, the colours are beautiful, the girls are sexy. Great.