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Monday, February 20

Surviving Winter: Sick Day Soup

Unfortunately, winter often brings the promise of a nasty head cold,and sick day cravings for comfort food. While it's very easy to give in and justify those unhealthy choices, I've found that it's best to feed a cold with vitamins, vegetables, and protein over comfort food. [Think about it. Sugar, wheat and dairy make you feel bad when your healthy. How much more will they affect you when you're body's immunity is down?] My strategy for feeding a cold begins with this delicious homemade chicken soup. I followed this recipe and added some of my favorite nutrient-dense veggies.

I used carrots, mushrooms, kale, celery and lots of broccoli and cooked my chicken with the onions and garlic [as opposed to using precooked chicken]. The end result was equally tasty and fulfilling and definitely fed my sick day craving for salty chicken soup. [Added bonus for the broccoli (besides its ability to stimulate your liver to detoxify things)? The salt and spices concentrate in the little trees. So delicious.]

This also makes a savory winter treat even when you're not under the weather.

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FilipBlog said...

The soup looks very fresh and good.