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Tuesday, March 27


This past Friday afternoon while I was busy creating & scheduling blog posts reading scholarly articles, an 18-wheeler randomly drove down our tiny city street. In the process of attempting a turn far too sharp for a truck of this size, the top of the truck collided with the low-hanging phone cable.... and proceeded to snap the cable. Let's note here that I've never seen a truck that size on these streets. One, there is no reason for them to be here -- that's the purpose of the main highway. Two, the power lines aren't high enough to accommodate a large 18-wheeler caboose.

The end result of this unfortunate event? No internet chez HiS. All. Weekend. Long*.

Until today.
So here's a brief little snapshot of my past few days via the Instagram lens.
Regular programming to resume tomorrow.

A countryside drive, afternoon yoga
Green smoothies, grapefruit sparklers, coffee and magazines, girl's night with this lady
Beautiful weather, canoe repairs


*This also meant that the Mad Men Marathon I had planned for Saturday night has been indefinitely postponed. The next couple weekends are already booked.  
{Shakes fist at truck driver.}

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

noooooo! I die without internet. Die!