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Tuesday, May 29

Managing the Mantle

favorite themes: layered art, empty frames, alphabet 

One of my favorite features in our new home is the dramatic brick fireplace in our living room. The open floor plan of the living area, the layout of the entryway, and the central location of the fireplace make it an obvious focal point in the room. In it's current state, the mantle needs a bit of love. I plan to paint it a pale grey and to remove the heinous gold cover {it's straight from the 90s}, but I haven't decided on how to decorate yet. In our previous apartment, I had meaningful artwork and pictures on our mantle but frequently changed decor. And while I'm sure I will change things up equally often in this home, here are some of my current inspirations.

What is your mantle type?

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FourJedis said...

So is that first picture your mantle? It looks nice but I didn't see the gold. Ours has a tv above it (almost embarrassed to admit that), but it has some shabby chic mismatched candle sticks I picked up from an antique shop and then these rickety wooden design pieces I got from a furniture consigner. It's missing a lot though. Can't wait to see your finished product (and everything else you do with your new home).

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

I have that first image in my home inspiration folder, Ashley ;) I love the pop of bright pink in it, don't you?
Our fireplace in our rented flat is tiled in gray, light pink, and gold. I think it's from the 30s, whereas the rest of the room is from the 1890s with 1990s furniture. A mess and a half ;)
Can't wait to see pics of what you do!

Lesley said...

i love a good mantle. i was tempted to make a faux one for this house just so we could have one! can't wait to see yours all de-90's and pretty!

Unknown said...

still trying to figure mine out...currently mine is bare and apparently going to be trial and error until it's finally right. Our house is in such limbo currently, but change is fun.

Ashley said...

FJ, I wish that were my mantle! Just another of my inspiration images. I'll post pics of our mantle soon!