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Thursday, June 21



The past few weeks have been a balancing act between loving my new {amazing} job, spending evenings and weekends studying for board exams, commuting to the city, and muddling through some recent personal revelations. 

I want this space to be honest, inspiring, and real. I want it to be a reflection of all the blessings and happiness in my life. And not because my life is perfect because in fact, it is far from perfect, but because I want to live my life focused on positive, uplifting things. And a life such as that only comes through a strong personal relationship with the Lord. 

That being said, I'm taking the week off to enjoy the sand, sun, my husband and some alone time with my Savior. I'll be back next week with a fresh outlook and new ideas that I do want to share with you. But for now, I think some reflecting is in order.


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Unknown said...

enjoy! call me when you're back. We'll get dinner with the boys & our HomeGoods trip on the calendar.

elizabeth shay said...

Enjoy!! Sometimes we need to get away from our day-to-day routines, no matter how loved they are, to reflect and regroup.

Love the quote too :)