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Tuesday, September 11


A couple weeks ago two of my girlfriends and I took a long weekend trip to Florida. After so many years of being in school and being unable to have girls trips, this was definitely a treat. My girl Kindredly and my college bestie Erin hung out for basically the first time on this trip, and it was so fun to have the two of them together. 

It's funny how much the three of us have in common, from superficial interests to deeply rooted character traits. We talked about fashion and style {naturally}, recipes and favorite foods, marriage and relationships, religion and family. We shared our favorite blogs, books and bands, and spent the majority of our time sunning and sipping from bubba kegs on the beach {when in Rome...}. It was a perfect girl's getaway, and I think it's safe to say we are all looking forward to next year's trip, {especially since this lady will be joining us!}.

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