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Monday, January 28

2013: Your {30 Minute} Morning Workout

Many of my goals for the new year are focused on physical health and fitness, and I am looking forward to the journey of achieving them. That being said, I am notorious for not getting out of bed when it's cold outside! I love to sleep, and the flannel sheet are just. so. warm. After I've hit the snooze button a couple times, a long run in the mornings is pretty much out of the question, so lately I've been doing morning sprints. 

Here's the breakdown:
4 minutes to get out of bed & get ready
5 minute warm up - light stretching, a bit of yoga, jogging in place
16 minutes of sprints - 8 rounds of 30 seconds on, 90 seconds off
5 minute cool down

It's that simple. 
Best part? I only have to wake up thirty minutes earlier than normal.

I try to fit in sprints two to three times a week in addition to a strength program {three times a week} and two or three met-con WODs. Weekends are for long trail runs, swimming laps and riding my road bike. 

Here's to morning workouts and new fitness goals in 2013.

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1 comment:

LoveNWright said...

Ha!! I so love how you included the 4 minutes to get up and out of bed!! Definitely didn't think to calculate that into my 30 min work out!! LOLOL