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Tuesday, February 5

Happiness: A Saturday Story

6:00am   wake up, get movin, get motivated
6:45am   turn on the seat heaters & hit the road

7:30am   arrive at Heritage Park Dirty Spokes Trail Race, butterflies ensue
8:30am   get your {8 mile} trail run on
10:00am   handsome husband gets an award, swoon

10:30am   post-race brunch at the grit, baby smiles & a trip to trader joe's

3:30pm   family nap in the sunroom, puppy cuddles & warm feet
5:30pm   wake up to tingling feet, espresso pick-me-up

7:30pm   GF chicken and pineapple pizza, GF brownies
9:30pm  fall asleep cuddled on the couch

The best way to spend a Saturday

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

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