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Friday, April 5

Land of the Living

The past few weeks have been challenging, both personally and professionally. I feel as though I am being sifted, spiritually and emotionally. I suppose it's all a part of moving forward, and I know that seasons of self reflection and change make me a better person because they always have. When I look back on difficult times of my life, I can see the changes and the character flaws that prompted them. 

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And while I think this season is coming to a close, I don't believe it is over quite yet. There are changes yet to come, but I am trying my best to keep my heart and mind open. I am surrounding myself with encouraging friends, a steadfast husband, and a sweet {but stinky} pup and allowing time to disconnect -- time for trail runs, weekend coffee on the porch, and long phone calls to friends.

Have a happy weekend. It's good to be back.

*This post is in the interest of full disclosure. It is so easy to look at the lives of others through the lens of the internet and assume that other women live such perfect lives. My life is wonderful because of so many things, but it is far from perfect.  

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Unknown said...

Hang in there! Glad to see you post! Based on what I know and from our conversation, I feel like things are working themselves out - slowly. Have a fab weekend! Do all the things you love!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and I'm so in love.

I know you can make it through whatever it is that is going on right now, and that you will handle it with grace and find the beauty in it.

So happy to have found you! I'm excited to follow along.