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Monday, July 1

{P}inspiration: Outdoor Spaces

After four days in the secret gardens of Boquete, Panama, husband and I are on a mission to transform our backyard this summer. We finally finished laying the flagstone patio {labor. of. love.}, which I promptly adorned with vintage chairs, sweetheart roses and modern white planters, and are turning our attention to taming the jungle that is the backyard landscape. {Side note: we are seriously considering renting some goats to chomp away at the brush in our yard. It's that bad.. And we don't want to use a ton of weed killers and pesticides.} We have carved out a couple flower beds to fill with Queen Anne's Lace {I see a foraging expedition in my near future} and Lantana, and are trying to decide whether or not to sod the giant bank behind our porch. Alas. Instead of boring you with the details of our backyard plans, here are some outdoor spaces/landscapes that I absolutely love.

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themes: unique seating, plenty of greenery, mosquito-repelling plants, a place for entertaining
all can be found here as well.

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