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Wednesday, November 27

A Love Letter {Of Sorts}

So many people have told us that this precious child we are having will be the beginning of the hardest season of our lives. And while I am sure these people mean well, it feels so unsettling. We are nowhere near a perfect couple, but we know each other. We've learned each other's needs, how to communicate these needs, how to be open and honest about what we feel and why we are feeling that way, from the serious to the trivial. And while I am sure that we will disagree about a million things when raising this child, the one thing we will always agree upon is us. This child is an amazing blessing, but our marriage comes before even this sweet little life. 

So today and every day I am heartbreakingly thankful for the man I call my husband. You are and will always be the one thing that I know.

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Unknown said...

You're already ahead of many knowing these truths. God first. Spouse second. Of course baby shakes things up. You'll be tired, you'll feel pulled in a million more directions, but by focusing on your partnership your growing family will thrive.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Meghan Splawn said...

This season (the one before baby) is such a blessing, but believe it or not - you will love your husband even more once he is a Daddy. Yes, you will be tired, you will probably fight, yes - you will struggle, but y'all will survive and be stronger for it.

Erin said...

From someone who has just done it I wouldn't call it the 'hardest season' of our lives-I don't think it is healthy to look at it like that. Yes, it is exhausting and almost nothing like your life pre-baby but I think focusing on the negative sides of a new baby and the effect it has on your relationship is damaging. When it gets tough I think you have to remind yourself that you are growing your family and raising a child. There is a HUGE payoff to the struggle unlike other hard seasons where the payoff isn't always evident. You just can't paint those pictures of Egypt ;) Love you baby girl and poo poo on negative opinions!