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Thursday, May 29

Healthy Living // Post-Baby Fitness

Weeks after giving birth and experiencing the healing that then ensues, the reality of working out was overwhelming. Nonetheless, post-baby fitness is so important to me. I honestly only have about  five pounds that I want to lose, and I am certain that eating paleo throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding have allowed me to get really close to my pre-baby weight quickly and with minimal effort.

Just to give myself a set schedule and not have to think up workouts, I joined EPLifeFit for the next couple months. The basics of the program include Olympic lifts and short metabolic conditioning workouts. And after only a few weeks, I can tell a difference. I am also back to eating strict paleo with an allowance for a few extra carbs and calories since E is still exclusively nursing.

This is what my current workout schedule looks like: 

-- I workout on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday and complete a two part workout. 
Part one: Heavy Lift Rotation (back squat or deadlift or bench press)
Part two: Metabolic conditioning workout (metcon), always less than 20 minutes

-- On weekday afternoons we take walks around the neighborhood. As I mentioned last week, Elliot loves to be outside, so late afternoon walks as a family are one of our favorite things.

-- If possible, I try to sneak in 30 minutes of yoga at least once a week. This usually occurs while little E is napping, but I often have to choose between practicing yoga and prepping dinner... and dinner typically wins.

-- Saturdays are for trail runs, swimming laps, long walks in the woods, yoga, riding my road bike or any other sport type activity. If  we have time or feel like doing one of these activities, we do them, but there's no pressure. I no longer use running or swimming as my means of maintaining fitness. Instead it is a hobby, a sport I enjoy. {Read more about why I've made this change here.}

-- After listening to this super interesting podcast, we also recently started making mobility exercises a priority, aiming for at least three days a week of committed stretching, foam rolling, or completing one of these alignment videos.

Also, it is super important to note that exercise isn't enough. Eating whole, paleo foods is absolutely essential for good body composition, fitness and general well-being. And we can't forget sleep. Getting enough sleep helps keep cortisol levels low, which allows for good body composition, fitness and well-being.{That being said, I am probably not getting enough sleep these days, but with a 10 week old and going back to work, it just isn't possible some days. I do my best to get at least 6 hours and have at least one night a week where my sweet husband takes over night duty so I can get some uninterrupted sleep. I definitely notice a difference in my workouts on the nights that I get less sleep, though!}

Hope this helps any of you working to get rid of baby weight or anyone trying to improve overall strength and body composition. I truly believe in this plan and this type of exercise!


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