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Wednesday, May 21

Motherhood // Thoughts of a New Mom 02

8 WEEKS...
Has it really been eight weeks since I brought this sweet little man into the world? In some ways those first few overwhelming, sleep-deprived but oh so wonderful days feel like yesterday. And in other ways it seems like we are figuring this thing out and finding our new normal. I've said it before, but the best advice I received about this whole process... 'Don't. Blink.' So true.

I am back at work but only part time for now. I will eventually go back full time, most likely in June or July, but for now having a few days during the week at home with E is essential. The first day back was difficult but not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Still, those evening cuddles with my little one are oh so precious and necessary after 11 hours away from him. Luckily, my amazing/generous/rockstar mom is keeping Elliot while we are at work. Such a blessing, I can't even begin to explain.

A few other miscellaneous thoughts from this new mom trying to figure this whole thing out...

-- Babies should come with a dashboard that has indicator lights for bored, overstimulated, I need to be held, I just need to cry and so so sleepy.

-- One on one time with my husband, although sometimes difficult to obtain, is so crucial. I miss that guy so much some days even though he is in the same room.

-- My babe's coos are my absolute favorite sound.

-- Little E is growing so fast it's insane. Despite the fact that his mama is somewhat of a shrimp, he already fills out his three month clothes. What?!

-- Those deep blue grey eyes are the best sight in the world after a long day at work. I seriously hope they don't change color... but if they do, a deep brown like his daddy's would be so handsome. 

-- Elliot loves being outside, a trait he inherited from both his parents, but especially his papa. Our new trick is that when he is starting to get fussy, we simply walk outside and talk about the trees and flowers and squirrels and he quietens down immediately. I may have been known to put the Roo in front of the window so I can prepare dinner. ;) Peace at any cost, right??

Also, we are planning to switch to cloth diapers here in the next month or so. Any suggestions, techniques, tip and tricks are welcome!


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