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Tuesday, June 3

Memorial Day 2014

We spent Memorial Day weekend surrounded with family and friends. On Saturday morning we packed up Elliot and Sambo and headed to North Georgia to spend  the evening at our friends' cabin. K spent many a weekend at the cabin growing up and into college, so taking E for the weekend was pretty great. We didn't do much, just drank coffee on the porch swing, went on a short waterfall hike, ate delicious grilled salmon and talked about life. Perfection.

Monday we drove over to K's Aunt's house to hang out at the salt water pool. Elliot was less than impressed with the cool water, despite his love of bath time, so we left shortly after lunch. It was just enough time to soak in some sun before the afternoon rain showers. We grilled burgers at home and made crispy sweet potato fries {recipe soon!}, then snuggled on the couch as a family and listened to the rain. Again, perfection.

Sometimes the simplest things are just the best.

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Unknown said...

Love these! Sweet family ;)