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Saturday, August 9

My (First) Five Practical Ways to Live More Simply

I mentioned a few days ago the weight of my heart to focus on living a more simple life. I'm reading this book, but my type-A personality and restless spirit need some action. So I've started with these five things...

1 - Clean out your closet
For me, I decided this will mean getting rid of half of my clothes, or at least attempting to. I have set a limit of keeping only 50-75% of my current wardrobe for a few different reasons. One, I don't need the same wardrobe that I did three years ago. Two, I really don't need six different pairs of black pants and six different pairs of jeans. Even though each pair has its own characteristics, I really don't need them all. Three, I probably only wear about 50% of the clothes that I own.

2 - Recycle old magazines
I am currently going through all my back issues of Whole Living, Domino and clinical pharmacy magazines and cutting out the articles that I want to keep. I am filing them accordingly and placing them in a special folder in our filing cabinet and recycling the remaining magazines. Holding onto these things for pure nostalgia doesn't make sense. These magazines are just sitting in the floor, taking up space.

3 - Get moving
I have found that my mood often improves with even just a little exercise. So whenever I am feeling worried, anxious, stressed or just plain grumpy I either take a walk with my boys or complete a short metcon.

4 - Focus on someone else
Each week I am challenging myself to do something for someone else. I find that this takes my focus off of me and my problems, worries and stresses and more often than not leaves me more thankful and peaceful as a result. It's easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget the needs of those around us. It could be a friend, family member, neighbor or even a stranger. Carry in groceries for your elderly neighbor, donate to your local food pantry, volunteer with the youth group or children's ministry at your church, whatever you can think of, just make sure you do it sincerely!

5 - Postpone purchases
If there is something I want, a pair of shoes, a clothing item, something for the house, I have started waiting three days or a week before spending the money. This makes me really think about my purchases and prevents me from buying things on impulse.

Here's to making changes, new habits and a much simpler life.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great ideas, friend!

Miss you - need some face time with you soon. xoxo